Thursday, 31 March 2011

23rd April double header


Quick update - 23rd April, we're now playing two shows that night.

First we will hit The Cricketers in Kingston-Upon-Thames at 8pm - as the first band on at an awesome show supporting Unfun (Canada), Teen Rebel Dope Fiends and Canons and Tanks. Sadly we'll have to leave and miss the other (great) bands....


We will pop over to Dorking to play a Dorktown Punks show supporting more awesome bands in the form of The Static Age (USA) and Brothers, sadly we will miss the 2 first acts at this show, but you should get there early.


We will have a little sleep.


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A Few photos from The Cobblers Thumb show a few weeks back

Just a few photos from the show the other week. It was fun, but I do not enjoy my face in 2D format. Thanks to Miri Glavin for these pictures....

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Not much!

Firstly - Thanks to everyone involved with our last two shows. Lil Household Name Recs for Wednesday's show in Brixton and Karl Rebellious Jukebox for asking us to play on the Friday in Brighton. Both were really fun shows. Attack! Vipers! were incredible in Brixton (and I know Tony said Worn in Red were too, but sadly I had to miss them to get back to Brighton for work the following day) and enjoyed Wake Up Dead (Ace sloppy garage pop-punkrock, really fun!), The Hillmans (new Brighton Rockabilly/Rock'n'roll) and Little Ease (Garage / Hardcore newbies) on Friday.

And...Thanks especially to all our friends and people who packed out Brighton show on Friday and especially to those who said nice things to us, we all had a seriously great night. There's a live video my friend Jim recorded from Friday of the song 'Fun Vacuum' - on our facebook page - type THE DEAD BEAT into Facebook and you'll find us.

So, what next? - write some new songs. 1 or 2 will be played at our next show on Friday 23rd April in Dorking with Brothers (ace garage punk from Exeter), Killington Fall (Post-rock, sounds great - never seem em, looking forward to it), The Static Age from America, and Fun Alf! - doing his one man acoustic thing.

If we record any passable live demos at any of the next practices will post them up here.

See? not much!


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

News from the practice room....


We've been practicing all our songs with our new drummer Dave - and he's pretty much up to speed on all of them now - bar one song 'You have no idea'...which still needs a bit of polishing before it's gig-ready.

The other 'fairly new one' provisionally known as 'Cats in bins / Monsters' - (me and Tony can't decide on a title we both find acceptable....) is good to go for the shows next week....AND we have even found time to write a completely new song provisionally titled 'Kill the beat' which we're ironing out and will likely be ready for April/May shows...(and hopefully recorded with the songs above plus 'This Skewed Logic' at some point between now and the summer)...

Next shows are next week -

Brixton for a Household Name Records show w/Worn in Red (US), Attack! Vipers! and Regimes.....on the Wednesday 9th,

and Friday 11th will be a tiny Brighton show in the Cobblers Thumb pub with Little Ease (ex break the habit type + ex cutting class type + others I don't know, doing shitty limits / sauna youth style poppy garage punk) and Skintight Jaguars (rock n roll beasts from London).

That's pretty much it, for now.