Wednesday, 2 March 2011

News from the practice room....


We've been practicing all our songs with our new drummer Dave - and he's pretty much up to speed on all of them now - bar one song 'You have no idea'...which still needs a bit of polishing before it's gig-ready.

The other 'fairly new one' provisionally known as 'Cats in bins / Monsters' - (me and Tony can't decide on a title we both find acceptable....) is good to go for the shows next week....AND we have even found time to write a completely new song provisionally titled 'Kill the beat' which we're ironing out and will likely be ready for April/May shows...(and hopefully recorded with the songs above plus 'This Skewed Logic' at some point between now and the summer)...

Next shows are next week -

Brixton for a Household Name Records show w/Worn in Red (US), Attack! Vipers! and Regimes.....on the Wednesday 9th,

and Friday 11th will be a tiny Brighton show in the Cobblers Thumb pub with Little Ease (ex break the habit type + ex cutting class type + others I don't know, doing shitty limits / sauna youth style poppy garage punk) and Skintight Jaguars (rock n roll beasts from London).

That's pretty much it, for now.

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