Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Week(end)er Eve Comtemplations

Good Morning,

I put on a show last night (Slow Science, Great Cynics, The Living Daylights and Three Summers Strong...) it went really well, and all the bands were really good, and lovely people - and there was a good sized crowd for a tuesday. I even broke-even financially, which is a rare event in the world of shambolically organised local punkrock shows. So aside the visable sheen of hangover and sleep deprevation I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself today, and if we have as much fun at our shows in the next few days I'll be a very happy fella, and it'll be a grand way to end things.

So, anyway - back to TDB related waffling....

Demo #2 - have you downloaded yet? If not, shame on you - and download it from our bandpage ( - our 1st demo is still there too) or go to and download the zip file from Toby Chelms excellent music download and shit-talking blog. There's tonnes of other ace bands on there too. Anyway, I digress - download / learn the choruses and indulge our rockstar fantasies once again, you know it makes perfect sense.

Tomorrow our little weekender begins - in Brighton, at one of the excellent This One's For The Crew shows from Jay (Little Ease etc) and his 'crew'. Facebook event below: Algernon Cadwallalalalalalader are a big deal and Jay's been raving about 1994! also, so this should not be a show to miss. (Tickets are still on sale, but we'll be on first so get down early to catch us)!/event.php?eid=204081282940953

It's at the Green Door Store, which is a great new little venue under the train station. Lovely.

Friday, we are being 'serviced' by Toby ( / The new wave of cut and paste zine / Serf Combat / Get Human / Heroic Doses chap) at an awesome show with Blacklisters, Matadors (some of the Dead Reckoning / Buzzkill chaps doing a Leeds-based Hot Snakes impression I think - can't wait to see them) and Two Trick Horse. Toby has been silly enough to put us on 3rd just before the headliners, hopefully we don't get too drunk and fuck it up. Looking forward to seeing Toby and Vicki's new Leeds home. Facebook:!/event.php?eid=210906875613822

Saturday, we rather splendidly are hitting Kingston-upon-thames, our almost spiritual home. Timmy is letting us wreck his living room after the show at The Peel - supporting Lemuria and Cheap Girls. Cheers Timmy. We're also going to try to drive back in time for Microphone-head-Steves matinee show at The Fighting Cocks in Kingston with Slow Science and some other sweet bands. I think Saturday will be fun. Facebook event here:!/event.php?eid=204878276207237

Sunday, we finish our brief and spectaculary unspectacular career at Basingstoke 100%Bitchfest at The Bang Bar. We'll be on early - and will be catching Just Add Monsters - Mr T (Lights Go Out Zine - writer/editor) 's band - and then I think we're on about 2/3pm. Then we'll be toddling back home pretty early afterwards to either sleep, or maybe wander down to Capdown in Brighton. Facebook for Basingstoke here:!/event.php?eid=136421056436664

So, that'll be it. Probably permanently, but I guess never say never..

Tony is off travelling around the world - and on his return will be moving to Brighton and opening 'Crazy Wee Tony's World of BEER' in the Laines. Believe. Also - keep abreast of his adventures on his blog (link in the top right hand corner)

Dave is moving to Brixton after the summer. *

Tonio will continue to play bass in Cardinal Fink, and maybe I'll get them down to Brighton for a rare show at some stage.

Our old drummer Adam will be touring his 'Hot Black Dad' solo-metal-n-roll project, playing all the hits including 'Rock this town tonight (Gonna rock this town tonight)'

I will continue to do posters n that (, put on the odd show when I can be bothered (2 or 3 a year max...) and probably never do a band ever again as I think 2 bands / 4 years considering my lack of any musical, singing or lyrical ability was somewhat pushing it anyway...*

*Dave and I will likely do a one-off Bastion reformation in the autumn though....probably.

Right, that's your lot. I'm sure Tony will summarise events after the weekender.

If I don't say it again, Thanks.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Finally - a new track! This is the first track off our new demo which will be available soon. Go download!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Final dates + Recording updates

Hello (non)followers of TDB,

Last night we recorded all the vocals to #2 in a flea-infested room in Croydon. It was really really really very (fucking) hot.

On Saturday, Dave, Tony and Tonio recorded all the music, Last night I heard it all and was blown away - for a totally d.i.y. and live recorded job in practice rooms on borrowed equipment, on an old 8-track - sounds really BIG! They recorded 5 songs, included a re-record of an older track 'The Thirst' which suffered from technical difficulties the first time around back in December '09. (Can't believe it's been that long) Tonio will be mixing these over the next couple of weekends and we should have new sounds soon after, online on our band camp page ( for your ears.

The other songs recorded were 'This Skewed Logic', 'More Snakes', 'Cats Vs Monsters' and 'Kill the Beat'. I think it'll all clock in around the 11-12 minute mark...

There will be a VERY limited run of CD copies of this #2 release. Rest will be a free download. They will be available at our last shows (below), so get them before they sell out, we're doing so few - that they will definitely sell out.

So, last shows....after a bit of a stressful week after one of our shows was dropped by the promoters...we've now got all our final dates confirmed.

Brighton 28th July - Green Door Store, w/ Algernon Cadwallader + 1994
Leeds 29th July - Santiagos, w/Blacklisters, Matadors, and Two Trick Horse
Kingston 30th July - The Peel, w/Lemuria and Cheap Girls
Basingstoke 31st July - Bitchfest w/The Smoking Hearts and more TBC   

Here's more snakes...

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Same old...

Hello again,


We wrote another new song the other night. It's a banger. It's called 'More Snakes'. It will be the 5th and final song (not in play order) on our 2nd EP / Demo #2

We have no other shows for June, and our next shows are at the end of July:

Thursday 28th July - Brighton, The Green Door Store, Under Brighton train st. supporting Algernon Cadwaller (Think I spelt that right) and 1994 (I think) - One more to be announced as I understand

Friday 29th July - Leeds, Santiagos, Supporting Blacklisters, Matadors and 1/2 others to be announced

Saturday 30th July - Nottingham via the nice Default this people, no more info as yet.

Sunday 31st July - Bazinga!-stoke. A festival thing.

As it stands, this is all we're doing in 2011, and potentially ever. So come down, buy one of the last t-shirts, grab our CD and stand a sensible distance.

Until we have some new songs recorded (Happening on 25-27th June) I can't see there will be much of a need to post here again for a bit. Keep an eye on our facebook page for pointless chatter and the occasional bit of news.


Saturday, 21 May 2011

Oh and...

Check out Tony's blog, he's now got no flat, job or responsibilities for the forseeable future. The shit.

You have 1 Follower...

Well, it's a start - cheers Carmel, you've gotta love the sympathy add. Tremendous.

What's news? Well, we played a show that Tony organised on Thursday at the Fighting Cocks, had a great evening. Porches opened and were really great - their split vocal duties work really nicely and they've got some great catchy songs. Rough round the edges rather than sheeny pop-punk, but in a really charming way.

Axes were next and fuck me sideways, they're ridiculously impressive - Instrumental technical post-rock type stuff, some nice riffy heavy bits. They visably really enjoy doing it - really different to all the other bands on the bill - but wow.

We played, Dave fucked up Cats Vs Monsters, aside that though - it was a pretty fun set - props to the random chap who knew all the words to TDBAFD (The Dead Beat are Fucking Dead) and got shirtless and shouty. Sir, you frightened me a little, but I salute you.

Slow Science blew everyway, again, end of. Great band. Nice people. Lovely.

Was a nice atmosphere with lots of nice people we know, cheers for coming down y'all.

So, as it stands that's our last show until the end of July. If anyone comes up, we'll keep you posted - but we really have no idea if we'll be offered / be able to accept anything as it stands....

We still have t-shirts, so if you want one - you'd better make it to one of our July shows...

To remind you:

Thursday 28th - Brighton (TBC dependent on other stuff)
Friday 29th - Leeds (Santiagos)
Saturday 20th - Nottingham (Venue to be confirmed)
Sunday 21st - Basingstoke (Bitchfest Festival)

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Everything doesn't suck


Last night was a pretty cool show!

Cafe El paso is a great little venue, sound was good, nice crowd, good draught lagers. Nice CHIPS.

Sweet Empire from Holland were pretty good - reminded me a little of (early) The Arteries in places. Nice CHAPS. (They said we were "Rad!" so I like them even more.

Great to see everyone - so thanks for coming down and watching us, mind you - Noone bought a t-shirt, come on people - we really do want to record a new demo/EP thing.

Next week is the Kingston show. Can't wait.


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Not much in the way of an update, but an update all the same.

I'm procrastinating.

So, a blog appears.

So, our last shows were BOTH on 23rd April - cheers to Al Bailey and the Dead Bird haus/Dead End Kids people for the Kingston show where we arrived, played, and then swiftly fucked off....We got told people liked us, but you wouldn't have known by the deafing silence! Ah well, we enjoyed it - and played a couple of new songs which didn't go totally wrong, so good times. Lots of good people there, and we had a lovely BBQ at Timmys beforehand, cheers for the shite cider fella!

Dorking, we arrived late due to traffic and the ridiculous idea to do both in the same evening, whose idea was that? I blame anyone but me...It was good fun, gutted we missed Brothers as they played before us...real shame we missed them as a really good band. But we did see Killington Fall who did amazing post-rock in a 65dos vein. Really liked them and bought their CD - it's still in Daves glovebox though, need to get that at some point. I got wrecked, so did Dave's girlfriend Gemma. Fun drive home to Brighton for Dave. Thanks Alf, sound was shit mind. Ha.

We have t-shirts! Buy them from us at shows. The design's up on our facebook page....WHICH YOU SHOULD JOIN IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY. As we update there a lot more.

Right, what's news? Well - our next two shows this week and next are:

Friday 13th May at Cafe El Paso, Hoxton, London - Playing the 'everything sucks' punkrock club night with Sweet Empire from Holland and Moral Dilemma from London, my last band Bastion was on a split 7" with Moral Dilemma, but we never met, so I guess we'll meet now. Should be great, we're on at 9.30pm, and apparently there's cheap beers. Sweet.

Thursday 19th May is at the Fighting Cocks, Kingston. This was originally meant to be on the Friday 20th, but we got asked to move for some other promoters show, this is a whole bag of dicks for me - as I now can't go see the Beatsteaks in Camden on this night. Thanks a bunch fuckos. Oh well, on the plus side, it's a killer line up with our good friends in Slow Science ( - there demo should be on that link, download it - you won't regreat it) who are amazing, Porches - one of Alfs bands who are pretty damn sweet and have nice dual vocal shit going DOWN. And Axes, who are essentially most of Slow Science doing instrumental post-rock/math-punk (apparently), I haven't heard them, but if you've heard any of Paul and Staceys past and other bands, you know it ain't gonna be shit. Fact.

Then after this Tony fucks off to Chicago for a few weeks, as he's now a professional homeless bum....

We'd like to do another show or 2 in June, so if you want to book us, get in touch and we'll do our best to say yes.

After that...we still have the weekender up north in late July...and hoping a few more shows will get sorted.

Oh, and recording some new 'proper' demos at the end of June. All the hits!

So lastly, this week I am mainly listening to....

The new Obits record (sick), The new Night Marchers single (get well SOON speedo), The new Beastie Boys album (Best for a while), The Great Ancestors - Black Hands EP (great DIY band). And I excitedly await the new The Computers album to arrive and blow my mind and ears.

See you friday, I hope.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Update from TDB!/pages/THE-DEAD-BEAT/144397032296

1. If you head on over to our facebook page you'll find I've uploaded a rough practice recording. New songs. Old songs. All songs.

2. We have t-shirts for sale. £6 at shows. We can't be fucked with post office queues so just come to our shows ok?

3. Tomorrow is our double gig evening. Kingston and Dorking. Representin'

4. Slow Science (yes) have added themselves to our 20th May 'Lords of the underworld' show.

5. Suns out, Flip flops are in. FASHION.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

23rd April double header


Quick update - 23rd April, we're now playing two shows that night.

First we will hit The Cricketers in Kingston-Upon-Thames at 8pm - as the first band on at an awesome show supporting Unfun (Canada), Teen Rebel Dope Fiends and Canons and Tanks. Sadly we'll have to leave and miss the other (great) bands....


We will pop over to Dorking to play a Dorktown Punks show supporting more awesome bands in the form of The Static Age (USA) and Brothers, sadly we will miss the 2 first acts at this show, but you should get there early.


We will have a little sleep.


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A Few photos from The Cobblers Thumb show a few weeks back

Just a few photos from the show the other week. It was fun, but I do not enjoy my face in 2D format. Thanks to Miri Glavin for these pictures....

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Not much!

Firstly - Thanks to everyone involved with our last two shows. Lil Household Name Recs for Wednesday's show in Brixton and Karl Rebellious Jukebox for asking us to play on the Friday in Brighton. Both were really fun shows. Attack! Vipers! were incredible in Brixton (and I know Tony said Worn in Red were too, but sadly I had to miss them to get back to Brighton for work the following day) and enjoyed Wake Up Dead (Ace sloppy garage pop-punkrock, really fun!), The Hillmans (new Brighton Rockabilly/Rock'n'roll) and Little Ease (Garage / Hardcore newbies) on Friday.

And...Thanks especially to all our friends and people who packed out Brighton show on Friday and especially to those who said nice things to us, we all had a seriously great night. There's a live video my friend Jim recorded from Friday of the song 'Fun Vacuum' - on our facebook page - type THE DEAD BEAT into Facebook and you'll find us.

So, what next? - write some new songs. 1 or 2 will be played at our next show on Friday 23rd April in Dorking with Brothers (ace garage punk from Exeter), Killington Fall (Post-rock, sounds great - never seem em, looking forward to it), The Static Age from America, and Fun Alf! - doing his one man acoustic thing.

If we record any passable live demos at any of the next practices will post them up here.

See? not much!


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

News from the practice room....


We've been practicing all our songs with our new drummer Dave - and he's pretty much up to speed on all of them now - bar one song 'You have no idea'...which still needs a bit of polishing before it's gig-ready.

The other 'fairly new one' provisionally known as 'Cats in bins / Monsters' - (me and Tony can't decide on a title we both find acceptable....) is good to go for the shows next week....AND we have even found time to write a completely new song provisionally titled 'Kill the beat' which we're ironing out and will likely be ready for April/May shows...(and hopefully recorded with the songs above plus 'This Skewed Logic' at some point between now and the summer)...

Next shows are next week -

Brixton for a Household Name Records show w/Worn in Red (US), Attack! Vipers! and Regimes.....on the Wednesday 9th,

and Friday 11th will be a tiny Brighton show in the Cobblers Thumb pub with Little Ease (ex break the habit type + ex cutting class type + others I don't know, doing shitty limits / sauna youth style poppy garage punk) and Skintight Jaguars (rock n roll beasts from London).

That's pretty much it, for now.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Show update

Friday 11th Feb 2011: The Hobgoblin, Brighton, w/Silent Front, Solomon Grundy, Cautionhorses
Wednesday 9th March 2011: Brixton Windmill, w/Worn in Red (US), Attack! Vipers!, Regimes
Friday 11th March 2011: The Cobblers Thumb, Brighton, w/Little Ease, Skintight Jaguars
Saturday 23rd April 2011: Railway Hotel, Dorking, w/Static Age (US), Brothers, Porches + more
Friday 20th May 2011: The Fighting Cocks, Kingston, w/Gin Panic, Great Ancestors + 1 TBC
Wednesday 27th July 2011: TBC
Thursday 28th July 2011: Canterbury TBC
Friday 29th July 2011: Santiagos, Leeds TBC
Saturday 30th July 2011: Nottingham TBC
Sunday 31st July 2011: Bang Bar, Basingstoke (Bitchfest Festival 2011) w/Great Ancestors + more TBC

Recording and Merch ideas in the pipeline.

Lovely, lovely, things.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Shows and stuff....

So, as Tony above said....and more...

Friday 11th February, Brighton, The Hobgoblin w/Silent Front, Solomon Grundy and Cautionhorses

This is Adam's last show with us. Sad times.

Friday 11th March, Brighton, The Cobblers Thumb w/Skintight Jaguars and Little Ease (ex. Break the Habit and Cutting Class new project...) playing the Rebellious Jukebox night. Free entry show, and DJs til 2am.

Saturday 23rd April, Dorking w/ Brothers, Porches and more Tba.

Then...a July mini weekender / tour! (Tbc)

Wednesday 27th July - Tbc
Thursday 28th July - Canterbury Tbc
Friday 29th July - Leeds
Saturday 30th July - Nottingham
Sunday 31st July - Basingstoke

We should have a new Demo/EP out sometime in May/June.

That's all for now.

Monday, 24 January 2011

First post!

hi there and welcome to The Dead Beat blog. first of all, the myspace page will not be used from now on, so we can be contacted through this page or our bandcamp page using our gmail.

our bandcamp page can be found at

secondly, we've got some gigs coming up:

11th February @ The Hobgoblin, Brighton with Silent Front, Solomon Grundy and Cautionhorses

23rd April @ The Lincoln Arms, Dorking with Brothers, Porches and more - possible bank holiday all-dayer.

lastly - we're looking for more shows, esp around March/April time. get in touch if you can help out.

in the meantime, heres a video of us taken by Ian Chaddock of the awesome Strike A Chord blog, at last years K-Fest:

thanks for reading