Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Final dates + Recording updates

Hello (non)followers of TDB,

Last night we recorded all the vocals to #2 in a flea-infested room in Croydon. It was really really really very (fucking) hot.

On Saturday, Dave, Tony and Tonio recorded all the music, Last night I heard it all and was blown away - for a totally d.i.y. and live recorded job in practice rooms on borrowed equipment, on an old 8-track - sounds really BIG! They recorded 5 songs, included a re-record of an older track 'The Thirst' which suffered from technical difficulties the first time around back in December '09. (Can't believe it's been that long) Tonio will be mixing these over the next couple of weekends and we should have new sounds soon after, online on our band camp page (http://www.thedeadbeat.bandcamp.com/) for your ears.

The other songs recorded were 'This Skewed Logic', 'More Snakes', 'Cats Vs Monsters' and 'Kill the Beat'. I think it'll all clock in around the 11-12 minute mark...

There will be a VERY limited run of CD copies of this #2 release. Rest will be a free download. They will be available at our last shows (below), so get them before they sell out, we're doing so few - that they will definitely sell out.

So, last shows....after a bit of a stressful week after one of our shows was dropped by the promoters...we've now got all our final dates confirmed.

Brighton 28th July - Green Door Store, w/ Algernon Cadwallader + 1994
Leeds 29th July - Santiagos, w/Blacklisters, Matadors, and Two Trick Horse
Kingston 30th July - The Peel, w/Lemuria and Cheap Girls
Basingstoke 31st July - Bitchfest w/The Smoking Hearts and more TBC   

Here's more snakes...

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