Thursday, 9 June 2011

Same old...

Hello again,


We wrote another new song the other night. It's a banger. It's called 'More Snakes'. It will be the 5th and final song (not in play order) on our 2nd EP / Demo #2

We have no other shows for June, and our next shows are at the end of July:

Thursday 28th July - Brighton, The Green Door Store, Under Brighton train st. supporting Algernon Cadwaller (Think I spelt that right) and 1994 (I think) - One more to be announced as I understand

Friday 29th July - Leeds, Santiagos, Supporting Blacklisters, Matadors and 1/2 others to be announced

Saturday 30th July - Nottingham via the nice Default this people, no more info as yet.

Sunday 31st July - Bazinga!-stoke. A festival thing.

As it stands, this is all we're doing in 2011, and potentially ever. So come down, buy one of the last t-shirts, grab our CD and stand a sensible distance.

Until we have some new songs recorded (Happening on 25-27th June) I can't see there will be much of a need to post here again for a bit. Keep an eye on our facebook page for pointless chatter and the occasional bit of news.


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