Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Week(end)er Eve Comtemplations

Good Morning,

I put on a show last night (Slow Science, Great Cynics, The Living Daylights and Three Summers Strong...) it went really well, and all the bands were really good, and lovely people - and there was a good sized crowd for a tuesday. I even broke-even financially, which is a rare event in the world of shambolically organised local punkrock shows. So aside the visable sheen of hangover and sleep deprevation I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself today, and if we have as much fun at our shows in the next few days I'll be a very happy fella, and it'll be a grand way to end things.

So, anyway - back to TDB related waffling....

Demo #2 - have you downloaded yet? If not, shame on you - and download it from our bandpage ( - our 1st demo is still there too) or go to and download the zip file from Toby Chelms excellent music download and shit-talking blog. There's tonnes of other ace bands on there too. Anyway, I digress - download / learn the choruses and indulge our rockstar fantasies once again, you know it makes perfect sense.

Tomorrow our little weekender begins - in Brighton, at one of the excellent This One's For The Crew shows from Jay (Little Ease etc) and his 'crew'. Facebook event below: Algernon Cadwallalalalalalader are a big deal and Jay's been raving about 1994! also, so this should not be a show to miss. (Tickets are still on sale, but we'll be on first so get down early to catch us)!/event.php?eid=204081282940953

It's at the Green Door Store, which is a great new little venue under the train station. Lovely.

Friday, we are being 'serviced' by Toby ( / The new wave of cut and paste zine / Serf Combat / Get Human / Heroic Doses chap) at an awesome show with Blacklisters, Matadors (some of the Dead Reckoning / Buzzkill chaps doing a Leeds-based Hot Snakes impression I think - can't wait to see them) and Two Trick Horse. Toby has been silly enough to put us on 3rd just before the headliners, hopefully we don't get too drunk and fuck it up. Looking forward to seeing Toby and Vicki's new Leeds home. Facebook:!/event.php?eid=210906875613822

Saturday, we rather splendidly are hitting Kingston-upon-thames, our almost spiritual home. Timmy is letting us wreck his living room after the show at The Peel - supporting Lemuria and Cheap Girls. Cheers Timmy. We're also going to try to drive back in time for Microphone-head-Steves matinee show at The Fighting Cocks in Kingston with Slow Science and some other sweet bands. I think Saturday will be fun. Facebook event here:!/event.php?eid=204878276207237

Sunday, we finish our brief and spectaculary unspectacular career at Basingstoke 100%Bitchfest at The Bang Bar. We'll be on early - and will be catching Just Add Monsters - Mr T (Lights Go Out Zine - writer/editor) 's band - and then I think we're on about 2/3pm. Then we'll be toddling back home pretty early afterwards to either sleep, or maybe wander down to Capdown in Brighton. Facebook for Basingstoke here:!/event.php?eid=136421056436664

So, that'll be it. Probably permanently, but I guess never say never..

Tony is off travelling around the world - and on his return will be moving to Brighton and opening 'Crazy Wee Tony's World of BEER' in the Laines. Believe. Also - keep abreast of his adventures on his blog (link in the top right hand corner)

Dave is moving to Brixton after the summer. *

Tonio will continue to play bass in Cardinal Fink, and maybe I'll get them down to Brighton for a rare show at some stage.

Our old drummer Adam will be touring his 'Hot Black Dad' solo-metal-n-roll project, playing all the hits including 'Rock this town tonight (Gonna rock this town tonight)'

I will continue to do posters n that (, put on the odd show when I can be bothered (2 or 3 a year max...) and probably never do a band ever again as I think 2 bands / 4 years considering my lack of any musical, singing or lyrical ability was somewhat pushing it anyway...*

*Dave and I will likely do a one-off Bastion reformation in the autumn though....probably.

Right, that's your lot. I'm sure Tony will summarise events after the weekender.

If I don't say it again, Thanks.

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