Saturday, 21 May 2011

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Well, it's a start - cheers Carmel, you've gotta love the sympathy add. Tremendous.

What's news? Well, we played a show that Tony organised on Thursday at the Fighting Cocks, had a great evening. Porches opened and were really great - their split vocal duties work really nicely and they've got some great catchy songs. Rough round the edges rather than sheeny pop-punk, but in a really charming way.

Axes were next and fuck me sideways, they're ridiculously impressive - Instrumental technical post-rock type stuff, some nice riffy heavy bits. They visably really enjoy doing it - really different to all the other bands on the bill - but wow.

We played, Dave fucked up Cats Vs Monsters, aside that though - it was a pretty fun set - props to the random chap who knew all the words to TDBAFD (The Dead Beat are Fucking Dead) and got shirtless and shouty. Sir, you frightened me a little, but I salute you.

Slow Science blew everyway, again, end of. Great band. Nice people. Lovely.

Was a nice atmosphere with lots of nice people we know, cheers for coming down y'all.

So, as it stands that's our last show until the end of July. If anyone comes up, we'll keep you posted - but we really have no idea if we'll be offered / be able to accept anything as it stands....

We still have t-shirts, so if you want one - you'd better make it to one of our July shows...

To remind you:

Thursday 28th - Brighton (TBC dependent on other stuff)
Friday 29th - Leeds (Santiagos)
Saturday 20th - Nottingham (Venue to be confirmed)
Sunday 21st - Basingstoke (Bitchfest Festival)

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